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Shameka Rodgers is a nurse practitioner.  She is originally from a small, rural town in southern Alabama named Georgiana. However, she moved to Birmingham to attend school. She is currently residing in North Carolina, where she is working in rural health. 

Blogging is one of her favorite hobbies so you check out her other blog Where she shares her multifaceted introspective on planning, photography, playlists, and product reviews. 

Besides blogging, she is currently pursuing various endeavors to gain experience and develop plans to live out one of  her life’s purposes of being a family nurse practitioner and materializing God’s plans for a hometown community center and community based ministry targeted towards adolescents and women. 

Shameka Rodgers’ mission statement is to elevate her hometown community, rural and underserved communities, and the world through opportunities to better their health by increasing the availability of health education and education in general. She plans to achieve this goal within 5 years by focusing on women and adolescents and addressing the health disparities that plague this population with increased uniquely designed, health literacy/education and disease prevention programs. She also plans to develop a program that exposes youth to post-secondary education and career opportunities. This program will also give youth opportunities to develop through afterschool education, recreational activities, and art exposure.


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