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~Body & Spirit Weekly Rotation~

this is the weekly rotation for the show, play it from top to bottom to get a true radio experience, download Spotify, which is free, to save the playlist and jam out as you read the articles for the week. Tune in every Monday for a new playlist.

~Love Week Playlist~

For those who like some spiritual music with a little R& B and jazz flare


a plethora  of songs that I currently have on repeat

~Work-itOutWednesday (WOW) Playlist~

a playlist geared on helping your pump up your heart beat and your spirit, the playlist will include enough songs to get you through a 20-30 minute work-out and a cool-down song (s).Tune in each Wednesday for a new playlist.


a playlist geared on giving you a true worship experience, where you praise the Lord and release the strings of the previous week with your “HandsUp” Tune in each Sunday for a new playlist, that you can play in your car as you head to church or your alone time with God

~Raycile’s Playlist (Amen Corner Shakers)~

Just a couple of months ago, my family laid to rest our matriarch, Raycile Brewer Smith, my granny. She was one of my biggest inspirations, and even though we laid her to rest on this Earth, she is forever alive in my heart. She was a mother, valued family member, culinary queen, missionary, community leader, and most importantly  she loved her some Jesus. This playlist is inspired by her and my Baptist roots. So put on your church hat, Sunday’s best, and shake that Amen corner with some praise.


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