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Tune-In Tuesday Weekly Playlist


Today is Tune in Tuesday, and I have some Easter tunes for you. These songs are what I call release and reminder songs. They help you release any of the junk of the day or the week or life in general, then they remind you of the promises of God and how the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins has cleared you of the things of your past. They remind you that through that ultimate sacrifice you can be a part of the kingdom, and by being a part of the kingdom you receive so many blessings, so much grace, and so much favor. I pray that this playlist will help you release and remind you of those promises. I pray that these songs guide you into a worship session that will break down walls of burden and restore your vessel for the Holy Spirit to enter in and give you an experience you will never forget.

Tomorrow, is Fresh Water Wednesday, and I will be posting on “The Sacrifice” check-out the Monday Seed from this week for the background verse.

I pray you have a wonderful day.


Love Shameka


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